Church Partnerships

Imagine the impact of an entire congregation working together to see God’s name glorified throughout the nations! It is our hope and prayer to see local churches equipped, empowered and encouraged to have a significant gospel impact among the unreached in East Asia.

Ministry Partnerships

God is raising up a generation of passionate individuals to reach unreached people groups in East Asia. A generation of students focused on making a difference in the world. A generation wanting to be part of something greater than themselves. A generation looking for the opportunity to experience the gospel’s progress among East Asia’s people. OMF International intentionally partners with academic institutions in order to equip and encourage their students for life and ministry through opportunities to serve East Asia’s people.

Home Ministry Teams

The Great Commission is the task given to the whole body of Christ, so we actively seek to work with other like-minded organizations for the purpose of discipleship, mobilization, field work, training and member care.

A strategic alliance is a significant, synergistic and sustainable relationship built upon specific achievable objectives leading to growing movements of God’s people, prayer and resources released and upheld to bring hope to East Asia’s people. Such alliances are ongoing dynamic relationships where we share resources and experiences, promote each other’s workand pray for one another, linked together with a mutual passion for God’s glory among the peoples in E. Asia.