Prayer at work

By Barbara Doig

I recently heard that the 19th-century preacher D.L. Moody was known for having a prayer list of 100 names of non-believers. He prayed daily for them to come to faith. As they believed he ticked off their names. At the time of his death, ninety-six had come to Christ. The remaining four believed at his funeral!

This challenged me greatly, so I started a list of non-believers, and it keeps on growing. I find it a discipline to pray daily. Sometimes it is simply bringing all their names to the Lord, other times I pray more specifically for family groups or individuals. Some names stand out as people in whom God is at work.

Recently I went to visit two of those individuals. One lady asked me a question regarding my faith concerning a health condition I’m facing. In conversation with a neighbour, matters of faith came up quite naturally. Both these people had been somewhat opposed to Christianity. I was amazed and then realised prayer is paving the way. Praise the Lord, I look forward to what he is going to do in the days ahead.



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Picture of Written by Barbara Doig
Written by Barbara Doig

Barbara served with OMF Thailand from 1975-94.

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