Heritage of Prayer

From Hudson Taylor’s prayer on Brighton Beach in 1865, prayer has been at the core of China Inland Mission and OMF International. For nearly 150 years, in groups large and small praying for concerns large and small, coming together to worship and seek Lord has permeated the lives of all associated with the mission.

Ways to Pray

Whether in organized large-scale prayer efforts or the daily sustaining of your friend serving on the other side of the globe, God’s advances are tied to the prayers of his people. Prayer is foundational. Crucial. Powerful.

OMF International invites you to partner with a worker, pray through prayer guides on people groups or areas of East Asia, sign up for prayer materials or join a prayer group.

Find a Prayer Group

Join others with a passion to reach East Asia’s peoples through prayer. We meet regularly and encourage each other in prayer—take advantage of an opportunity near you. Contact info@omf.org for specific details.