Meet Mr York: a chance to fulfil a dream

What do you think being a missionary might look like? Often it’s not quite how you expect, as any of our workers can tell you! Praise God for this encouraging story from a doctor serving with us in Southeast Asia:

‘Meet Mr York. He’s in his late 20s and is a farmer, a young father, and an evangelist.  He dreams of raising a family in the fear and love of God, shepherding local churches in following Jesus, and proclaiming the good news to his people and beyond. But for the last two years, worsening pain in his back led to weakness and pain in his legs, to the point where walking was nearly impossible.  His dreams of living for Jesus were being threatened before he even turned 30.
Visits to local hospitals provided inconsistent relief. Out of desperation, Mr. York borrowed more than $1,000 from the bank, using his brother’s land as collateral, and journeyed to the capital city in hopes of a miracle.
Fortunately, an OMF missionary physician learned of Mr York’s situation, and walked with him through the confusing world of x-rays, MRIs, surgical risks, hospital protocol, communicating with doctors, and providing financial support. Mr York eventually had spinal surgery for a slipped disk, and before long was walking without pain and, even more noticeably, smiling from ear to ear.
Now Mr York is working to fulfill his dreams, serving his Savior among one of the least reached people groups in his country. He is happy, healthy, debt-free, and so grateful to the body of Christ, particularly expressed to him in the timely care of an OMF physician.
Unfortunately, Mr York is just one of many people with urgent and treatable heath conditions in Southeast Asia.  However, God has placed many of his servants, such as this doctor, in places and in positions to lend a crucial and helping hand.’


Please pray with us

– Give thanks for Mr York’s healing and pray for lasting fruit from his ministry

– Pray for OMF workers and Christians across East Asia to be attentive to unexpected ministry opportunities!

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