What makes OMF International unique?

As you consider joining a ministry organization, we encourage you to discover the different strengths of a variety of organisations. OMF International is one of many different agencies, each with their own unique strengths. We believe these are a few strengths of OMF International:

Experience. OMF International began in 1865 when Hudson Taylor knelt upon the beach at Brighton, England and “prayed for 24 willing, skillful laborers” to reach the inland provinces of China. Nearly 150 years later, we are still using our experience, relationships and presence in East Asia to spread the gospel among the lost in East Asia.

Focus—East Asia and Unreached People Groups. Ever since our founding, God has given us a heart for China and East Asia. We continue to focus our efforts in these countries and the wide variety of unique people groups spread throughout the region. While focusing only on the peoples of East Asia may eliminate work in among the unreached in other parts of the world, we are compelled to keep our focus because there are still thousands of people groups in East Asia that are without the gospel. We persistently and passionately focus on bringing hope to the billions of people in or from East Asia.

International. Having our international headquarters based in Asia profoundly affects both who we are and how we work. We are both international and interdenominational in membership. We are a diverse organisation with 3,000 of us from 30 nationalities spanning three adult generations. We come from a variety of different denominations and backgrounds. We regard our diversity in ministry as a marvelous, God-given and essential means to fulfilling God’s mandate through us.

Member Care and Development. With more than 3,000 members and staff in more than 30 countries across the world, we prioritise the care and development of our members on and off the field. Workers are always sent to the field that have teams in place, they are consistently ministered to by our field staff and they will receive any medical, emergency or logistical support for needs that may come up on the field. In addition to our member care, we also emphasize the development of our members in culture, language and ministry. All members are required to attend an orientation course at our international headquarters in Singapore. Following Orientation, each member attends culture and language training in their designated country. OMF International also continues to provide various types of training and development on and off the field. Long-term experience, commitment to the peoples to whom we minister and commitment to work in teams helps us to care and develop our members so each member will be able to not just stay on the field long term, but stay long term effectively.