The Application Process.

Let’s get to know each other. As you seek God’s plan for you towards missions involvement, look to your pastor and spiritual mentors to give wise counsel and direction. Browsing opportunities available in East Asia through our website can help see where your gifts intersect with some typical positions. Haven’t found the opportunity you are looking for? Just ask. The website does not list every opportunity currently available.

Our Candidate Co-ordinator will walk with you on your journey as you consider long-term service in Asia. She will take time to get to know you, suggest proper and practical next steps and, above all, pray for you. She will help you assess when the right time to apply might be. We are so blessed that you feel ready to take this next step. We are available any step along the way to coach you through and answer your questions.

1. Complete the application process.

  • The application process includes several steps and stages. There will be medical, psychological and background screenings as well as references needed from your church, community and work.
  • The application also includes signing our statement of faith, essays and education experience. OMF International finds these screening tools helpful to assess each candidate’s physical, emotional and spiritual readiness for effective work in East Asia.

2. Attend our Candidate Course.

  • Join us for our Candidate’s Course
  • Learn about the Kiwi team, OMF International as an organization, understand our mission, vision and values and gain practical training on topics such as communication, mobilization and spiritual warfare.
  • Engage with other kiwi candidates with a heart for Asia!

3. Appointment

  • Four clearances are required before you can depart for Asia: homeside clearance, field clearance, medical clearance and financial clearance.
  • OMF International (N.Z.) provides homeside clearance usually after candidate interviews with Home Council
  • Field clearance most typically follows a medical and financial clearances usually occurs last.

4. Develop prayer and financial support team.

  • Receive Partnership Development training.
  • Partnership development is an exciting opportunity to grow with those who will be joining your team as partners in ministry. True partnership involves financial support, but prayer, encouragement and advocacy as well.

5. Leave for East Asia!

  • Once all four areas are cleared (homeside, field, medical and financial), you are cleared to leave for East Asia!
  • Most new workers stop first in Singapore for our International Orientation Course, which is held three or four times each year.

Ready to apply?

If you have a question or would like more information, click the button to the right to fill out a quick web form and we will contact you shortly.