Associate (11 months to 3 years):

An associate serves in a cross-cultural ministry for eleven months to three years. Some opportunities include: professionals teaching, researching, ESL teaching, undertaking graduate or language studies, dorm supervising or guest home hosting. Opportunities to share Christ abound. Working with OMF as an associate is a great opportunity to explore longer-term missions and gain valuable ministry experience and skills.

Long Term (more than 3 years):

OMF members plant churches, train leaders, produce literature, teach technology, work among students, and bring the gospel to rich and poor, deprived and privileged. You can go as an evangelist or church planter, or use your secular professional skills in areas that are restricted to regular missionary work. You can teach missionaries’ children, run a mission guest home, work in administration or IT, or go as a secretary, dorm parent, doctor or medical advisor. If you have the right skills and abilities and a sense of God’s call, we can probably place you.

Types of ministry we do in East Asia

There are many facets to ministry with OMF International. Browse the list below to see the general types of ministry opportunities that are available. Contact us to learn more about any specific possibilities.
Church Planting Bring hope to those who have never heard of life through Christ. As a church planter, you will live among the world’s least reached peoples, building relationships, learning the culture and discipling individuals. Watch the gospel bear fruit in places like remote mountain villages in Southwest China or the vibrant urban cities in Japan. Join us in the aim to see an indigenous biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia, evangelizing their own people and reaching out in mission to other peoples.
(Rural, Urban, Discipleship, Evangelism)

Theological and Biblical Training

Many leaders and pastors in East Asia need additional training to continue effective ministry work in their unique cultural contexts. Bring your experience and training to teach and train local leaders in churches and colleges across East Asia, helping them grow and navigate the issues they face.
(Preaching, Bible studies, Training leaders)

Medical Services

Are you a committed Christian medical professional who is willing to serve East Asia’s lost with the compassionate love of Christ? Does working with local communities, hospitals, small clinics, churches and community health projects to provide medical services to those in need fit your calling? Or are you a qualified veterinarian who can work in rural communities to provide essential services that help people sustain their livestock? Join our teams bringing hope through God’s healing work.
(Community health, Veterinarian)

Youth and Children Outreach

Today, more than 50 percent of the world’s population is now under the age of 25. Many of East Asia’s young people are unreached with the gospel. As you care for orphans, participate in sports and music outreach, assist at boarding homes and tutor children, you will help
these children and youth develop a foundation in Christ before they reach adulthood, that they might bring hope to future generations.
(Boarding home, Urban youth outreach, Orphanages, Children’s ministry, Sports)

Development and Relief

Do you have the skills and calling to help raise the living standards of villages in East Asia through holistic community development, relief and training? Join us in providing clean water, helping improve agriculture and empowering people through small businesses. You could also provide job training, engineering assistance, small business loans and much more. Use your skills to help a community walk in dignity and display God’s splendor.
(Water, Agriculture, Small business, Immediate needs, Social justice)

Compassion Ministries

Work alongside the hungry, the homeless, the enslaved, the widowed, the orphaned and the many others who are oppressed across East Asia. Be Christ’s hands and feet as you build friendships, meet physical needs and invite the lost to experience freedom through Christ. With your heart for the poor and oppressed, come and join our efforts to do justice and “to proclaim good news to the poor” (Luke 4:18).
(Homeless ministry, AIDS work, Sex trade ministry, Prison ministry, Social justice)


Has God given you expertise with a subject or skill set? Do you love teaching? Empower a community in East Asia by teaching among unreached peoples. Share your life skills in areas such as English, cooking, basic health, computers etc. You can also teach professional skills such as engineering, business or computer science. As a Christian teacher, you will have the opportunity to share the hope of life in Christ as you interact with students. Opportunities exist to teach in universities, cities, churches, businesses and rural villages.
(English, Engineering, Business, Computer science)

Business and Professional Work

Business and professional opportunities continue to be one of most effective ways to reach the unreached with the gospel. Use your finance and administration skills to serve and support missionaries in countries across East Asia. You can also be a beacon of light in the professional world as you bring Christ’s presence into your workplace. Avenues for the gospel are also open to those who can teach entrepreneurial skills to small business owners or to those who provide additional skills training to workers looking for jobs in emerging economies.
(Management, IT, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human resources)


Do you have a passion to capture people’s stories and God’s love for the world with words and images? Do you have a heart to communicate the gospel to others through radio, social media, journalism, photography, music and video? Creative people with communication experience who are passionate about telling stories of God at work and equipping others to share Jesus’ love in their own cultural contexts powerfully impact the kingdom.

(Web, Radio, Journalism, Literature, Music)

Reaching Internationals

The rise of globalization has triggered the mass migration of East Asians to the United States, Europe, South America and even Africa. If you have a passion to reach East Asians who are spread across the world, you can serve in our Diaspora Ministry helping plant Asian immigrant churches, discipling Chinese students and professionals and building relationships with Southeast Asian refugees.
(Diaspora ministry, Church planting, Discipleship, Evangelism, Refugee work)

Literacy and Translation

Thousands of people groups have yet to receive a Bible in their native tongue. Your skills used in translation and literacy training will help people in East Asia receive and read Bibles in their heart language. Join us as we partner with other organizations and missionaries to bring hope through God’s word.
(Literacy, Translation)