Where will your love for East Asians take you?

What becomes of tomorrow will depend to a very large degree on what becomes of the many students studying overseas today. Many will be future leaders in their home countries. What if some of them come to know Christ while abroad? Many are doing just that—how can you be involved?

di•as•por•a (n.) dispersed people, outside their original homeland; people on the move

Our vision is to see a worldwide movement of East Asians discipled to build up the body of Christ among their own people—and beyond! Our mission? To glorify God as we:

  • Evangelise and disciple strategic East Asian peoples scattered globally.
  • Prepare returnees for ministry among their own people and others.
  • Equip other Christians to do the same.

Where will your love for East Asians take you? We are looking for people called by God to join our team reaching out to these scattered—in New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America—as volunteers or as full-time career workers.

Learn how you can be involved

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