Partner with us!

Ministry partners serve on the front lines of the spiritual battle we are engaged in to reach East Asia’s peoples. You are a vital part of the ministry being done through the missionary. Please use the form below to tell us of your commitment to support an OMF International worker. Thank you!

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PRAY REGULARLY. Set prayer reminders by placing your missionary’s pictures or prayer requests in places you see throughout your busy day—the refrigerator, car, bathroom mirror etc.

PRAY EARNESTLY, pleading the promises of God, and claiming victory in the all-conquering Name of Christ.

LET THE SPIRIT LEAD. God’s Spirit knows your missionary’s needs better than you or they do. Seek his wisdom as you pray for them and the people group they serve.

PRAISE GOD for the hearts encouraged, needs met and lives transformed through prayer.

KEEP IN PERSONAL TOUCH. Support goes both ways; let your missionary pray for you, too.

GET CREATIVE. Think of how your skills and talents can uniquely serve a missionary’s needs.

SHARE THE BLESSING of your ministry partnership with your church and community. Invite them to join.