Giving to OMF New Zealand

OMF operates two registered charities in New Zealand:


1)     OMFNZ Homeside Trust (Registration #CC22070)

This trust operates within New Zealand only and is eligible to issue tax rebate receipts. You can designate your gift in any of the following ways:

  • General Fund & Staff support: Gifts for NZ expenditure, staff and members ministering in New Zealand
  • Chinese & Diaspora Ministry: Gifts for the support of Chinese Ministries in New Zealand
  • Bamboo Ministries (L32165): Bamboo Resource Centre provides multi-lingual books and resources in Chinese, Japanese and other East Asian languages.
  • Retiree Welfare & Resettlement Fund (L32240): OMF NZ has always recognised the need to assist members the resettlement of members returning from overseas and to provide assistance for OMF retirees.


2)     OMF New Zealand (Registration #CC26935)

This charity funds NZ members working overseas and international projects.

Gifts are NOT eligible for a NZ tax rebate.

  •  Support gifts for OMF members: These gifts are used to pay for living allowances, housing costs, children’s education, individual ministry expenses, training and travel expenses
  •  Gifts for overseas projects: We accept gifts for designated international projects. Contact us for further information on areas of interest.