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Let Them Come!

I’ve worked in the corporate world all my life and never imagined the Lord would find me useful in ministering to children. Surprisingly, they like

Japan Prayer Fuel February 2023

Japan has entered the coldest time of year. Winter in Japan is breath-taking, but heavy snowfalls and shortened daylight increase risks of accidents, infections, stress,

Am I Useful Yet?

One day a week, I take a subway and a bus to the other side of Sapporo and meet my kimono sensei’s husband at the

A Pinch is a Chance

Japanese has a bunch of “almost English” phrases. One of my favourites is ピンチはチャンス literally, “A pinch is a chance.” As far as I remember

Always a “New” Missionary

I have been pondering: how long after a missionary arrives on the field, it is still ok for them to call themselves a “new missionary”?

Japan Prayer Fuel January 2023

As we enter 2023, OMF Japan has a new prayer goal of partnering and unity in the gospel. We long to see greater unity in the gospel, fueled by love for Christ and for one another. Please pray with us.

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