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Book review: Take Care of Yourself: Survive and Thrive in Christian Ministry

Pablo Martinez states that “the problem is not working too hard, but resting (renewing) too little” (2). This book is a caution for those of us who often neglect our own care for the sake of the gospel work we are involved in. In only 100 pages drawn from drawn from his background in pastoral psychology, Martinez gives succinct pointers and practical advice on how to care for ourselves and avoid burnout in ministry.

Book review: Leadership or Servanthood? Walking in the Steps of Jesus

The contrast between many books on leadership and Hwa Yung’s Leadership or Servanthood? couldn’t be more obvious. From the start, he informs us that, despite the appearance of the word in the title, the book says little about leadership as such. Rather, “The central emphasis … is that the call to discipleship and ministry is first and foremost a call to be a servant of Christ and the church, and not to leadership.”

Book review: Christianity in East and Southeast Asia

This book focuses on a region of the world in which Christianity, in the past fifty years, has been the fastest growing religion—increasing from five to twelve percent of the total population—while remaining a small segment of the population in the majority of countries.

Book review: Japanese Perspectives on the Death of Christ

This book is an excellent model of how to do theology in conversation with the global church. It is a treasure trove of contextual insights into Japanese appropriations of the cross. Any reflective practitioner who is involved in cross-cultural communication of the gospel will greatly benefit from this work.

Unbound: A book about breaking chains

Book by Jennifer Su McIntyre Review by Sarah Fleming, OMF NZ Missions Mobiliser   Unbound is eye opening, thought provoking and a deep insight into

Book review – Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You

Scott asserts that throughout time it was not just preachers and missionaries who were responsible to share the good news of Jesus Christ, but also “business owners, labourers, fathers, mothers, storekeepers and carpenters living out their faith in the marketplaces.

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