Meet the team who keep OMF New Zealand running smoothly. Contact us if you would like to get involved!

Vacancy | National Director

Currently we are looking for a National Director.  Please join us in praying for the process of finding a new leader.  Please direct any enquiries to Shireen Chua

Pam Singleton | Office Administrator

Pam is a central cog in the OMF NZ team due to her efficiency, extensive knowledge and caring nature. Our (thoroughly unofficial) stats show that 9 out of 10 phone-calls to the office are usually for Pam! When she’s not in the office, Pam loves spending time with her family.

To contact Pam, email

Shireen Chua | Mobilisation

A familiar face in OMF for many years, Shireen is now applying her considerable skills and knowledge toward the New Zealand team’s mobilisation efforts, with the aim of encouraging people towards mission.  A natural communicator, Shireen also runs Third Culture Solutions, providing intelligent solutions for multicultural organisations.

To contact Shireen, email

Linda Chen | Finance Manager

For all things finance-related, Linda is the person to talk to. She balances the OMF books whilst balancing life as a mum and wife, and does it with a cheerful spirit. Linda is motivated by her passion for connecting finance with mission, and ultimately seeing money used for the furthering of God’s work.

To contact Linda, email

Sharon Liao | Candidate Coordinator

Sharon has responsibility for new and upcoming OMF candidates, guiding those who are considering long-term work overseas. If you are thinking about serving in Asia, Sharon will help you on your way. She is also involved in diaspora ministry, helping Chinese believers to stand for Christ when they return to China. Always keen to tell people about Jesus, Sharon makes great use of her excellent Taiwanese, Mandarin and English language skills.

To contact Sharon, email

Jess Lawrence | Communications Coordinator

Jess puts together our bi-monthly Serving Asia magazine, sends out prayer letters to supporters, monitors the OMF Facebook page and dabbles in some basic design work. Outside of the office, you’ll find her with her husband and kids, out running, or watching a movie.

To contact Jess, email

Sarah Fleming | Mobiliser

Sarah has the aim of setting up a network of people who are interested in missions and helping facilitate discussions about where God might be leading them. Sarah is really encouraged by the words in Psalm 139: “Before the word is on my tongue Lord you know it completely”.  She is hoping that God will use her to draw others into partnering with OMF.  Outside the office she enjoys racing around with her kids, gardening, baking and singing.

To contact Sarah, email

Lorna Crawford | Serve Asia Coordinator

Lorna is organised, resourceful and incredibly nice; all helpful traits when coordinating short-term teams from around the country. She helps to facilitate opportunities for people to serve in Asia for anywhere from two weeks to one year, and also served in Japan herself for a number of years.

To contact Lorna, email

Rob McArthur | South Island Ministries

Rob’s role description is a difficult one to nail down; he coordinates OMF work in the South Island, which sees him as first point of contact for any S.I. enquiries, liaises with partner churches, works as a missions mobiliser, and journeys with candidates who are considering serving overseas. He has a lot to do, but manages to do it all with a smile on his face.

To contact Rob, email