What does ministry with OMF International look like?

So what does it look like to accomplish our mission of glorifying God by the urgent evangelization of East Asia’s peoples? Our primary work in N.Z is to mobilize people to go, to pray or take intentional steps toward God with the aim of fulfilling his mission, whether in New Zealand or in East Asia. These phrases describe us:

  • Our ministry focus is in East Asia and among East Asians worldwide.
  • We have a history and tradition of pioneering, risk-taking life-changing ministry (passed to us through our founder, J. Hudson Taylor).
  • Today we embrace ongoing and future-looking integrated ministry.
  • Our legacy and the story we are writing tell the amazing story of God shared by people from around the world working in community.
  • Our greatest desire is to reach out with the life-giving hope of his gospel.
  • We speak with truth (biblically accurate), consistency (one voice), professionalism and inspiring invitation to the task God has given OMF International in the world.
Browse the types of focused activity we do toward bringing the gospel to Asians around the world:
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