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From when you first start wondering about mission, to when you get a sense that God is actually calling you to live and work cross-culturally (or maybe even in a familiar cultural context) there is no defined time-frame or picture of what it looks like.  Everyone’s story is different.  However, when you contact us and say, “I think God is calling me/us to Asia”, we start journeying alongside you.  Before you get to that stage there are lots of ways to be involved.  This article outlines the typical application process for a longer term overseas placement, from first contact through to buying plane tickets and attending orientation in Singapore.



當你第一次開始對宣教感到好奇,然後覺得神呼召你到另一個文化裡生活及工作。這期間沒有固定的脈絡可循,因為神對我們每個人都有獨特的呼召及帶領。 所以當你聯絡我們說 “ 我想神呼召我/我們到亞洲宣教” ,我們便開始與你同行,從分辨神的旨意 (請參考第8 頁有關如何參與宣教),到買機票參加新加坡總部的職前訓練, 及其之後的宣教生涯。以下是成為長期宣教士所需的申請步驟。



Stage One: Enquiry

步驟一: 諮詢

You will be contacted by the OMF Candidate Coordinator and asked to fill in a no-obligation application form, where you’ll share some general information about yourself. You can find this form on the ‘My OMF’ opportunities website (www.opportunities.omf.org/myomf). The information you provide will give us an idea of your education, conversion, ministry experience, and where/how you would like to serve. Once you have completed this form, we know you are interested in moving forward to the next stage.

有意加入海外基督使團為宣教士者,請至  My OMF Opportunities網頁 (www.opportunities.omf.org/myomf ) 完成線上初步申請資料表格及相關文件,這有助我們認識你及你的呼召 。我們將與有心者通信,告知且進行下一個申請步驟。


Stage Two: Initial candidate assessment

步驟二: 初步聯繫

In this step, our Candidate Coordinator will spend some time getting to know you. They will invite you to a phone, Skype or face-to-face appointment to ask further questions about your call to serve, and assess your compatibility with us, as well as answer any questions you may have. You will also need to discuss with your church leadership the possibility of an application to OMF.

我們會透過電話,Skype或面談等方式來更加瞭解你的呼召,解答你的疑問, 探討彼此的需要及合適度。我們會持續與你聯絡,告知申請過程及鼓勵差派教會(母會)一起為你禱告尋求加入使團的可能性。


Stage Three: Review of application

步驟三: 檢閱申請

The Candidate Coordinator will contact the Field Candidate Coordinator (who is based in the area or “field” you wish to serve in) to discuss a potential placement, and determine the right time to seriously pursue your application and candidacy. It may take up to two weeks for a confirmation of call by your sending church and OMF New Zealand.

我們將會聯絡禾場同工溝通了解是否有合適你的事工,雙方經過禱告、等候及印證後而作出安排(視乎個別需要及實際情況而定)。你可以在此時決定是否向使團遞出正式申請的適切性 。這個魚雁往返本會禾場及你的差派教會的評估,耗時約二週的時間。


Stage Four: Candidature

步驟四: 候選資格

At this stage, you will need to complete another (more detailed) application form. Please submit three references from your pastor or church leader, a current or former employer, and a personal friend. The Candidate Coordinator will e-mail these forms to candidates at the appropriate time, or they can be downloaded from the My OMF website. Once the forms have been successfully reviewed, you will officially become a Candidate with OMF. At this stage we will seek to secure a field placement and receive a field welcome (confirmation) from your target field.


這個步驟將請你從My OMF 下載且填寫另一份「正式申請表」,並提供諮詢人名單給使團,我們會向申請人之母會牧師,上司及友人進行諮詢。亦請他們在合適的時間內填寫推薦函。當你的全部資料齊全後,我們即進行審核並確認你所屬的禾場事工。在成為「宣教士候選人」的同時你也會收到禾場所發出的歡迎信函。


Stage Five: Medical and Psychological Assessments

步驟五: 身心健檢


Download and complete the Medical Forms from the My OMF page. The OMF Medical Advisor team is responsible for assessing the medical suitability of a Candidate for service. Medical clearance may take some time to be granted.

成為宣教士候選人的你將可以從My OMF 檔案下載健康檢查所需的表格。我們的醫療團隊隨後會聯絡你進行健康檢查及心理測驗。根據不同的狀況,醫療團隊有時需要較長的時間去評估你是否適合到特定的禾場去服事。


Stage Six: Interview with Council and Invitation to Candidate Course

步驟五: 會見紐西蘭使團董事會然後受邀至本地的職前訓練


Once the forms in stage four and five are completed and accepted by OMF NZ, you will have a short interview with the OMF NZ Council. Homeside Acceptance will then be granted by OMF NZ and your sending church. Upon receiving Homeside Acceptance and a Field Welcome from your country of future service, you will progress from being a Candidate and become an ‘Appointee’. Following that, we extend an invitation for you to attend our two-day Candidate Course (which generally runs in the NZ summer), and you will receive specialised training with OMF personnel.



Stage Seven: Partnership Development

步驟七: 建立關係


As an Appointee, you will work toward receiving final medical and financial clearances. It’s crucial to develop a prayer partnership with your sending church and support networks. Your Total Support Figure (TSF) will be issued by OMF NZ – this is the sum of your estimated costs for a calendar year. Financial clearance is given once the entire TSF has been raised. As a reflection of our faith in God’s provision, members do not request funds on their own behalf or on behalf of OMF.

成為準宣教士的你除了會收到最終健康檢查許可外還需要經費籌募的操練及學習。我們及你的母會將共同計劃如何籌錢,籌宣教人,籌同工,籌代禱勇士等。這個信心之旅是建立在與神和人的關係。 紐西蘭基督使團會寄發年度宣教士經費預算資料給你,原則上當你籌足所需的經費後(由母會,各支持教會或個人認獻),我們就會接納你為我們的宣教士。相信按神的方法做祂的工作,必永遠不缺神的供應, 所以未經請求,你不可使用個人或使團名義對外呼籲募捐。


Stage Eight: Invitation to Orientation Course in Singapore

步驟八: 邀請你到新加坡總部參加行前訓練


When pledged support reaches 100% of your TSF, you are granted Support Clearance by OMF NZ. All four clearances (Homeside, Medical, Finance & Field) must be given before you depart for the OMF Orientation Course at the International Centre in Singapore. There will be a commissioning service at your sending church and acceptance into OMF International. It’s now time to purchase plane tickets and make any final preparations for departure.

當你的經費百分百募足後,你將會收到紐西蘭基督使團所發的經費許可。在你出發到新加坡總部參加行前訓練前 ,確認你有收到從 紐西蘭基督使團,醫療,經費和禾場所發出的許可。有了這四個許可後,新加坡總部正式歡迎你成為我們的一員。紐西蘭基督使團協同母會即可安排舉行差派禮,然後是時候買機票,做最後的行前準備,出發前往新加坡。


Stage Nine: Leave for Asia

步驟九: 前往亞洲


Most Appointees will go to Singapore for the Orientation Course (which lasts about three and a half weeks), before leaving for their target country and beginning their missionary service with OMF International.




You can see that the phrase, “good things take time”, doesn’t just apply to advertisements for cheese.  There’s a bit of a process involved, but if you are thinking of how to do missions today or if you have a heart for Asia’s billions who still don’t know about Jesus then please come along to one of our Prayer Fuel days and join us to pray.  See page 5 for more details.



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