Introducing Simon and Judy Collins

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We both felt God’s prompting to mission work from a young age, and were inspired and challenged by hearing of the people who had served God in this way. We met and were married while at Otago University where Simon studied medicine, and Judy law. During Simon’s medical training we were able to spend 3 months in a rural Christian hospital in India, a time we remember as formative in our faith and thinking. After graduating we prayed that God would prepare us and send us at the right time. We believe God has graciously been doing this through both the highs and lows of life since then. Our family has now expanded to five; our three children are Micah (6), Bethany (3), and Joel (1), they are full of life and many lessons for us! Judy has worked as Lawyer, and a mother, whilst Simon is a GP and is doing further study in theology. We love our church family and have served as home group leaders, on eldership (Simon), and on a board for a community ministry (Judy).

A few years ago we briefly visited Cambodia. The people and history touched us and in the years since, we have felt an ongoing burden towards going back to serve God there.  As a family we hope to return there in mid-2018 for an initial 3-year term to fill the Field Medical Advisor role; supporting the OMF workers and their families in remaining physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy so that they are able to continue serving effectively and long-term in Cambodia. Simon also hopes to support and encourage the Cambodian Christian medical students who are currently training in Phnom Penh; we have always enjoyed working with young adults (which is a large demographic in Cambodia). Judy will be available for administration or other work at the Field Office, serving where time allows while looking after our children. Hopefully we will have some spare time (!) as we aim to start tackling the Khmer language to equip us for future work. Thank you for your love, support, & prayers for us and Cambodia.


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