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By Jill.


Owned, loved, cherished, affirmed, cared for…these are all words that come to mind as I think of our last month of Home Assignment (HA) in New Zealand. I’m waiting for the plane that will take my husband and me back to our Asian home. My love tank and support tank are full. What a wonderful way to head back into another period of life and ministry. Caring family, friends and home church have all contributed to this.

Just for a minute, let me tell you about our relationship with our home church.  They adopted us four years ago when we were left without a home church due to an unfortunate sequence of events.  God amazingly turned this to good by helping the NZ OMF director navigate our adoption to a church with a great big heart.  Over the last four years they have found ways to express their care and support us.  Then recently, on our first Sunday back in New Zealand on HA, we were introduced during the church service with the words “a special welcome to our very own global partners*.” Those words – “very own” – touched our hearts.

This welcome was followed with invitations to share at home groups, meals, warm conversations and many loving and caring expressions.  It is easy to feel lonely and isolated in the type of work we do, and this expression of belonging means so much.  We pray that many churches will truly adopt their global partners into their church family and find ways to cherish them, just as our church has done with us.

*global partners is a term our church uses for missionaries


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