Prayer changes the world

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By Shireen Chua

Do you believe in Prayer?  It is a question if any one of us were asked would have only one response – YES.  But if we are honest, our mustard seed sized faith may sometimes challenges us (hand on our heart) to truly believe that prayer alone can change our world.  Looking at the state of our world today, can we honestly say we believe prayer changes the world?

“The history of missions is the history of answered prayer” Samuel M. Zwemer.

As we read of stories of the growth of God’s church all of over the world, we see evidence of God at work, fulfilling His plans and purposes for His World.  He is building His church, one life at a time as he calls, and draws each one to a life of loving and following Him.  J. Oswald Sanders said: “Prayer is fundamental, not supplementary.  All progress can be clearly traced back to prevailing prayer.”

Prayer changes you and me

As we pray, just as the generations of faithful pray-ers before us, we are partnering with God in seeing His story unfold in our generation.  It is a mystery why some prayers we see answered and others we haven’t seen God’s hand as clearly.  We read of God’s purpose, God’s plan, God’s timing, how to pray, what to pray, and when to pray in His Word.  This teaches us to understand the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.  One thing is clear, we are called to pray and listen to God, to pray for others and to petition in ones, twos or threes.

The joy of praying isn’t only seeing and hearing about answered prayer, it is also in the process of praying.  Prayer changes you and me as we acknowledge the Sovereignty of God.  It changes you and me as prayer teaches us again and again to depend and completely trust God in all and every circumstance.  It changes you and me by inviting you and me to participate in this formational and regular activity to change our hearts to know God more and to make Him Known amongst the Nations.

I came to know Jesus because of the daily faithful prayers of an Aunt, who prayed daily for her family.  Thirteen years later, I was the first to ask for a Bible.  The greatest testimony and power in persistent prayer lies not only in the answered prayers of God’s people, but that all Glory and Praise is given to Him.  There is no greater testimony than that of His children coming to know, love and serve Him.

To each one of you that pray regularly for our Team and for East Asia’s Billions, thank you for your commitment and partnership.  Without prayers of His people, all that we do will not mean much.  May I encourage you to keep on praying, learning about prayer, teaching others how to pray like you do-  not only for the sake of the lost, but so that you and I may be transformed more into his likeness.



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