Called to No Ordinary Life

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When you read about candidates who apply to serve with OMF, what you may not know is how they got there.  Over the decades, each has a story to tell.  As God calls each one, the journey of discipleship across cultures continues; building on life experiences and exposure to God’s global mission.  God’s call to each one is seen in the series of choices that are made to pursue a life less ordinary.  This leads to each candidate to learn to grow their “faith muscle” and to completely trust God for everything – visas, family, finances, health, the future and their work.

The process involves two dimensions – filling out application forms, completing medical checks and gathering financial and prayer support, plus finding an area of ministry to focus on.  More importantly, though, is the ongoing growth and development of faith each of our candidates must prioritise, learning to be in Christ and becoming more Christ-like. As each of us pursues Christ, the task and outworking of mission flows naturally.  Each step of the journey is one of making choices.  The choice to obey, the choice to submit, the choice to release, the choice to grow…

Choosing to live “no ordinary life” is one that follows the call of God to fulfill the purpose that God has for us to share the good news of Jesus.  All are called to this journey; some are called to a different location in which to do it.  It starts with each day, right where God has placed us, being willing to listen and choose.  An ordinary person choosing to live an unordinary life serving an extraordinary God.


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