Pioneering with Pizza

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By Faye

Imagine an area the size of New Zealand with 47 million people living in it, many of whom live in villages separated by mountains and isolated through language.  Imagine those people regularly worshiping their ancestors to seek blessings and protection and engaging in rituals to appease the spirits and gods they believe can and will influence and affect their daily lives.  This describes the area where I live and the people I live among.

I am there as part of a team that is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people.  We seek to start churches full of people committed to going out and doing the same so that so many millions of them will have the chance to hear and be saved.  This is not an easy task but it is also not impossible; especially as our God specialises in the impossible.

One way in which I do this is by inviting people to my home to cook and try western food.  When I ask our local people what western food they would like to try they almost always say pizza.  This makes my heart happy as I too enjoy a good pizza.  So I will invite a few friends to come over and we will spend the afternoon preparing our bases, making our tomato sauce and then slicing and grating our toppings.  When our pizzas are ready to eat I will give thanks to God for the great time we have had together and for the delicious food we are going to eat.  I then sit back and enjoy watching my friends cautiously eat what they have made.  One day after I had just given thanks one of my friends burst out asking why I used her language to pray rather than my own.  She thought that my God would not understand her language.  This one comment lead to an amazing discussion about whose God He really was.  From this I was able to keep talking with her about God and she has not only come to faith but she has invited her friends to come to my home to experience cooking and eating pizza as well.  Praise God that He is building His church through pizza nights with my friends.

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