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On June 25, OMF International will celebrate 150 years since Hudson Taylor founded the CIM (China Inland Mission). Today OMF International is a diverse evangelical mission agency of more than 1,400 workers from 30 different countries. And we continue to press on to make Him known among the peoples of East Asia. We give thanks and Glory to God for His faithfulness over the past 150 years!

OMF New Zealand was established (as a separate entity from Australia) in 1958, and during our history in New Zealand we have sent many workers out on God’s mission to serve amongst the people of East Asia. Currently under the leadership of Christine Harding (OMF NZ Director) we have over 34 workers serving in a variety of contexts both here in New Zealand and in East Asia. We now are looking forward to seeing the Lord raise up a new generation of missionary workers in our midst.

For OMF it is a special time to remember what God has accomplished through His servants in reaching East Asia’s Billions. We rejoice as for 150 years at CIM/OMF we have seen God raise up men and women through who He has used to touch millions of lives for eternity. We are also renewing our commitment to Him; to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in all its fullness to East Asia’s peoples, to the Glory of God.

The question for OMF New Zealand, 150 years on is – Are we still needed?

  • With a population of over 2.15 billion people in East Asia, there remains a need for the gospel to be seen and heard in many places across East Asia.
  • We are a church-centered mission. Our partnership with local New Zealand sending and receiving churches is vital.
  • OMF provides experience and expertise that enables New Zealand Christians to live, work and serve in short and long-term placements.
  • OMF serves as a bridge between New Zealand and East Asia.
  • OMF has an increasing role in serving and equipping New Zealand churches to engage in cross-cultural mission in our local communities.
  • OMF is committed to changing and adapting towards new paradigms for mission engagement.

Hudson Taylor said “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” This has not changed. We will praise Him for all that is past and trust Him for all that is to come.

About OMF NZ: In New Zealand, we seek to influence and equip the church in Aoteroa to enthusiastically participate in God’s Mission, ultimately to plant multiplying churches amongst East Asia’s peoples. Check out our Facebook page: ‘OMZ NZ’ to be kept up to date with purposeful information about the different ways you can be involved in God’s mission.

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