We are all part of an elaborate tapestry

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By Shireen Chua, our OMF NZ Candidate Coordinator…

I’ve just been reading Dr. J.O Sander’s book on Spiritual Maturity (Principles of Spiritual Growth for Every Believer).  The first chapter has really challenged me as I’ve been praying for those looking to go out onto the field, and I have looked at where God has each one of us at the moment.  It was on the passage in Romans 8:26-30 entitled “the Overruling Providence of God”.

We are familiar with what Romans 8:26 says – here it is again as a reminder: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose…”.  According to Sanders, there are two clauses that determine and limit the application of this verse.  All things do not work together for everybody.  First, there must be right relationship to God – the beneficiary is a member of God’s family, and trusts that God would not permit anything that was not for his ultimate good.  The second is partnership – where he is one of the called, according to God’s eternal purpose – his plans have given way to God’s plan. . .  “With his God, “accidents are not accidental, and adversity is not adverse”.

The conclusion is that God’s purpose unfolds to those whom He has called and who love Him in return.

Four truths emerge (I’ll leave you to read the whole chapter).

  1. God’s plan is Beneficent – All things work together for good.
  2. God’s Plan is Active – All things work together for good.
  3. God’s plan is Inclusive – All things work together for good.
  4. God’s plan is harmonious – All things work together for good.

“Life has been likened to an elaborate tapestry being woven on the loom.  For the beauty of the pattern to be revealed, it is imperative that the colours must not be all of the same hue.  Some must be bright and beautiful, others dark and sombre.  It is as they work together that they contribute to the beauty of the pattern…. in the events of life.  God has an end in view which is worthy of Him, and will command our fullest approbation when we cease to know in part”.

Attached is a Mobilisation bible study (GoMobilize) – because I’d really like to encourage you as you journey to Asia, to raise up and invite others to join you in living out God’s global purpose, and to multiply others to do the same. . .

May you find Him in the midst of this journey of life, and as you seek to obey Him!


If you wish to read the book, it is available on Amazon (and it’s inexpensive): http://www.amazon.com/Spiritual-Maturity-Principles-Believer-Commitment/dp/080248252X/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

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