Tania English – discovering her call into ministry

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Tania English is currently our OMF NZ Partnership Liaison Manager, and is a well-loved, long-standing staff member.

From the very beginning, Tania’s journey of working at OMF has been one of God-appointment and calling. Tania studied at Carey Baptist College, where she was drawn to the mission-focused papers on offer. At the time Tania was unsure how God would end up utilising her studies, however it was the proactive act of a faithful, ex-missionary from her church that led her to OMF’s doors. Tania had previously been fascinated with the timeless, enduring vision and values that Hudson Taylor had set in place 150 years ago for OMF. So, it was no surprise that after an inspiring interview with the National Director, God sowed something in her heart that has propelled her over the last 10 years.

Tania encourages us that with a simple act of obedience and recognising God’s leading, He is big enough to position us exactly where He wants us to be.

We wanted to encourage you with her journey, as shortly we will be sending Tania over to Singapore to begin a new role at head office. Tania’s new role will be as the International Coordinator of Personnel, and she will have the opportunity to support and orientate our members that are looking to be released to where God is calling them. As an organisation OMF is committed to ensuring our members are well cared for, in order to be able to serve for the long-term, as the Lord leads.

Tania is also excited about the future and potential of OMF, and the contribution that she will have in the next season. OMF has a rich heritage, and is committed to prayer, consultation and development in order to prepare and plan for what the future of mission work will look like out on the mission field.

An interesting addition to Tania’s story is that Singapore is a special place for her, as Tania’s father was based there in the RNZAF, and it is also where she was born!

We are excited for Tania and her unfolding God-story, and believe she will be an immense blessing to the international team. If you wish to support her, as she is obedient to the call to head to Singapore, Tania would be grateful for your communication and encouragement, prayer or financial support. Please do let us know at NZ.Admin@omfmail.com if you sense the Lord calling you to partner with Tania in some way, as we would love to connect you with her.

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