Kidzone Adventures

 In Location

By Jess Grassmueck

Being a Kids Zone helper/ teacher in Singapore has been such a privilege. From the moment that I first heard about the opportunity I knew it was just the adventure I was looking for- it involved God, travel and kids- perfect.

The experiences I had as a Kids Zone helper were life changing. The testimonies from the OCers (Orientation Course for new missionaries) were so inspiring and encouraging. I really felt like I was a part
of their journey- helping them to get to where God was leading them by looking after their kids. There was an awesome family atmosphere, where the dining room was often crazy with children screaming and a variety of languages being spoken.

During the day while OCers were at lectures the Kids Zone team and the kids would have a time of singing and then split off into groups according to the kid’s ages. I looked after the 5-7 year olds. They were so enthusiastic from the word go. We would play games, do crafts and read Bible stories.

On one occasion I was telling the story of Abraham and I would be interrupted just to be told that his name wasn’t Abraham but that on veggie tales it’s Abe! They were so on to it about God and loved singing along to the veggie tales songs on ‘you tube’ – they loved the song ‘God is bigger than the bogey man’. It astounded me at how much these kids had really grasped onto the fact that God will protect them and be with them wherever they go. It was such a joy to see them discover that there are other kids who have also been up-rooted from everything they know and to see them become close friends. It was such a blessing to see them grow from being timid and withdrawn to confident and mischievous.

What I also loved about this opportunity was the adventure, I loved traveling on the underground train and buses in the weekends – going to places I was completely foreign to, but soaking it all up anyway.

I loved getting to know people who had come to OC from all over the world. Though working in a multi-cultural team can be a challenge it really is the best way to get to know people- when you just have to work together.

Through this experience God has shown me his love and mercy and that he is always before me and behind me showing me the way (Isaiah 30:21). I have learned through my time in Singapore that there is so much more to overseas mission than what meets the eye. The extent of what families have given up for the Lord and their steadfast faith in his providence has encouraged me and spurred on my own walk with God.

My time in Singapore seemed like a pretty awesome adventure and has really given me a taste and a desire to travel more and see God’s Kingdom grow and to personally be a part of bringing God’s Kingdom to earth.


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