A Home for the Soul

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Article featured in 2014 East Asia Insight Q2

Despite professional and material success, Carl,* a Chinese intellectual, could not get rid of his feelings of loneliness, emptiness and helplessness. Friends and relatives could not help. Reading celebrity biographies did not work. He felt lost in the wilderness.

After Carl’s wife and son took a yearlong visit to the U.S. to visit relatives, they returned to China as Christians. The changes in their life were so obvious to Carl that when his wife told him about a Bible study, he was willing to check it out.

Janice,* a foreign teacher, taught the Bible with such feeling and made a deep impression on Carl. On Christmas Eve, Carl went to dinner with Janice and some other Christian friends. As a choir started to sing carols, Carl looked at Janice and asked her, “How would I know I was ready to be a Christian?” That night, Carl found new life in Jesus.

“I have come to know the meaning of Jesus as my Savior,” he now says, “and with the protection of the Lord, I no longer feel lonely, empty or helpless … Only in the kingdom of God can we find a home for our soul, a fountain for our spirit and the meaning of life.”

Carl’s testimony illustrates the story of many Chinese atheists and intellectuals who share a deep sense that there must be something more to life, a great truth to be discovered.  As in the case of Carl, it often takes time to break through the barriers and fully surrender to Jesus as Lord and Master, but God is faithful.

*Names have been changed.

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