GCM May 2014 Prayer Points

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Article featured in 2014 GCM May

  1. Growing fears have been raised in China and internationally about China’s debt bubble and “shadow” banking system (estimated at US$8 trillion), which could lead to a bigger crash than in 2007 and would impact the world economy as well as China’s. Pray for wisdom for China’s leaders to prevent a disaster (The Economist, Daily Telegraph).
  2. China and Taiwan have held the first face-to-face talks for more than 60 years. Pray for a peaceful solution to ongoing tensions. Pray that Taiwanese and Mainland Christians may enrich each other’s ministries and work together for the evangelization of China.
  3. Pray for struggling rural churches whose membership comprises the elderly and children. Pray that younger leaders will receive training and be called to minister there, rather than move to the cities.
  4. The U.N. has issued a report condemning horrific human rights abuses in concentration camps in North Korea. More than 100,000 people, including many Christians, are being starved and tortured in the camps. Pray for them.
  5. Pray for the families of the 33 people killed in the terrorist attack in Kunming. Pray for the physical, psychological and spiritual healing of the 140 or more people wounded in the attack by knife-wielding Islamic terrorists.
  6. Pray for the many Christians and churches in Kunming, that they can effectively administer the love of Christ to many grieving and traumatized people in the city after the terror attack.
  7. Pray for wisdom for the government, especially in Xinjiang, to avoid a knee-jerk reaction to punish the majority of the Uygurs who are moderate Muslims and not terrorists.
  8. “Hello! I am seven years old. My grandma is unwell. How I wish she would accept the gospel as she listens to Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) programs. I told her: ‘We all love you and pray you can get better.’” Pray for peace for little Zhou and for his grandma to know Christ.
  9. Pray that Christian strategists and evangelists in both China and overseas will take into account the vast changes wrought on China’s countryside by the huge migration to the cities and the destruction of traditional villages, which threaten China’s very identity.
  10. About 2,600 people have been left homeless in the ancient Tibetan town of Deqen in the newly named “Shangri-La” county in Yunnan in mid-January. There were 242 buildings, some dating back 1,000 years, that got destroyed (Guardian, January 14, 2014). Pray for these people in an area with little gospel witness.
  11. The Prime Minister of Japan has infuriated China, South Korea and many other Southeast Asian nations by saying he will consider reviewing the 1993 Japanese statement which apologized for the thousands of women tricked into sexual slavery for the Japanese military during World War II (The Times, February 25, 2014). Pray for peace in East Asia where relations are getting worse between China and Japan and other nations.
  12. Pray for Christian lawyer Ni Yulan who was released from prison after two years for “creating a disturbance” (Release International, February 2014). She is not well due to illness untreated in jail and a disability she received from torture while in custody in 2002.
  13. CEDAR Fund, Hong Kong, reports that the social ministries arm of the Chinese churches has seen remarkable development in Yunnan with the encouragement of the government. Pray for many Christian-backed ministries aiding millions of poor people there.
  14. Pastor Shi Weihan was held for four years in jail for printing Bibles illegally and tortured with electric shocks. Now released, he thanks all those overseas who prayed for him and sent him letters (Release International, February 2014). Pray for Pastor Alim in prison in Xinjiang, and for others unknown to the outside world still in prison for Christ.
  15. Medog County in southeastern Tibet has only 12,000 people. Now, 20,000 tourists visit annually (China Daily, February 25, 2014). Pray that some will bring the gospel to this remote and mountainous region where there are no known Christians.
  16. “I am a Christian in Hefei, Anhui, and a new diploma student of Liangyou Theological Seminary (FEBC). Through your teaching I have a more systematic understanding of my faith.” Pray for this young student and many others enrolled in this vital course.
  17. Pray for Christian teachers from overseas as they build relationships with their students at universities and colleges throughout China.
  18. Local officials raided Zhuoqi Gospel Church in Inner Mongolia last year and barred it from meeting. Members were beaten. Pray for greater freedom for Christians in Inner Mongolia, which has a poor reputation for religious freedom.
  19. Pray for OMF International’s input to churches in Singapore to encourage mission awareness and to encourage Singaporeans to go to China to serve the Lord.
  20. Praise God that Australian Christian John Short was released from custody in North Korea in March. He was imprisoned for distributing Christian literature in Pyongyang. Pray for wisdom for foreign Christians who visit as tourists or channel large amounts of much needed aid to this impoverished nation.
  21. Seventy percent of female factory workers in China have suffered sexual harassment according to a recent survey. Pray for women in poor working conditions, especially young Christians who face many pressures and temptations (The Guardian, January 29, 2014).
  22. Trinitarian Bible Society reports that they have two people working on the revision and updating of the Chinese Union version of the Bible, with the Gospel of John ready by March 2014 (Quarterly Record, March 2014). Pray for this new translation, which is conservative and based on a high view of the Bible’s full inspiration and authority. The Union Version is now a century old.
  23. The Hong Kong government has finally published the official poverty line in September 2013, defined as 50 percent of median household income (CEDAR Fund, February 2014). Long-awaited by Christian charities, pray this will help them and the government to better meet the material needs of Hong Kong’s many unnoticed poor and elderly people.
  24. “My husband stops me from listening to gospel radio and says my faith has made our 27-year-old son unable to find a [Christian] wife. He even gave away my Bible.” Pray for Mrs. Shen in Henan and that her son can find a believing partner.
  25. Pray for small Christian fellowships, mainly of the poor, elderly and children struggling to survive in China’s many nearly-deserted villages.
  26. OMF International is seeking to work together with churches in Africa to reach the many Chinese now working there. Pray for clear guidance and wisdom to know  on which countries to concentrate.
  27. A police chief, who was also the deputy mayor of the Guangdong city of Dongguan, has been fired for failing to clamp down on the rampant sex trade there. Police raided 2,000 bars and brothels which brought 50 billion RMB ($8 million) to the local economy (Daily Telegraph, February 11, 2014). Pray for the girls caught up in this seedy trade and for Dongguan’s churches and Christians to make a difference.
  28. “We want to spread Jesus’ love and have joined with other brothers and sisters to start a new house church here in Beijing. Please pray for our church, my work and my two children’s spiritual growth,” writes Brother Gao to FEBC.
  29. Pray for FEBC to find more national minority Christian radio producers who can speak Uygur, Tibetan, Bai, Mongolian, Zhuang etc., as believers among these groups are not numerous.
  30. Pray for unity among the house churches which have been increasingly split by different theological views in recent years―fundamentalism, old-school evangelicalism, Calvinism, Pentecostalism, prosperity teaching, extreme charismatics etc.

Pray for the outpouring of the Spirit on busy and overworked pastors and preachers throughout China. Pray for young leaders facing many pressures on their marriages, children, finances and health.

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