Dying Without Knowing Christ

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Pan was a young man about 30 years old. He was married to our niece, Simone. We met him and spent time with him while we were in Cambodia last fall. He was a kind, compassionate man whose primary desire was to make a good life for his wife and children. We watched him work very hard during harvest. In the years before their daughter Cassie was born, Pan and Simone left their families in Cambodia to work in Thailand where jobs as housekeepers, cooks and gardeners were available.

Leaving family and friends was difficult, but Pan and Simone were part of a generation of Cambodians trying to rebuild their lives after the Khmer Rouge Regime. They sacrificed to help the older generation left at home and to provide a future for their children. This past spring, Pan and Simone’s second child was born. This time a boy. About the same time, Pan became ill with tuberculosis which he had been exposed to in the past. They used all their resources seeking treatment, but despite their efforts, Pan died on July 21.

Pan heard the gospel, but along with his wife said that he would like to wait, to think about it. He was reluctant to denounce his Buddhist heritage and traditions for fear of disrespecting his ancestors. It is too late for Pan, he died without knowing Christ.

Please pray for others that they will not only hear the gospel, but they will have an opportunity to see Christ’s love in action.

* Please note, names have been changed to protect identities.

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