A Bible—At Last!

 In China

Article featured in 2013 GCM March

Seventy-year-old Jin could not stop smiling or singing. She had walked for three hours in sub-zero temperatures. Why? Because that day free Bibles were given out to her congregation. She was one of 600 people who traveled to the rural church, and she got one. This is Jin’s second Bible. The first is 20-years-old and fell apart, battered with daily reading. A substantial part of Genesis simply fell out. “Reading the Bible is like having God talk to you,” she says. Jin earns her living as a watermelon grower, but always suffered from travel sickness on the long bus journey into town to sell her wares.

“One day I prayed, ‘Lord, if you let me not feel sick on this journey I will take whatever I earn today and buy a Bible.’ I didn’t feel sick and I bought a Bible. After a year I was baptized and changed my name. It means ‘God’s love.’”

This story from the Bible Society reminds us that there are still many rural people in China who need God’s Word.


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