Hands of Healing: Medical Work in China

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Article featured in 2012 East Asia Insight Q4

OMF International is looking for committed Christian medical workers to share Christ’s love through the witness of their lives in southwest China and work with local communities to improve medical services. Below is a story of the physical and spiritual impact that one worker has had …

From Death to Life

Rong Xia faded in and out of consciousness. He could no longer speak. Rong Xia had suffered a stroke three weeks earlier. It seemed only a matter of time—perhaps days, perhaps weeks—before he would die.

His family told Jim, a doctor who was in the area and heard about Rong Xia’s case. After examining Rong Xia and asking more questions, Jim thought Rong Xia might not have had a stroke, but TB meningitis instead. Jim gave him some TB medicine and prayed for him in the name of Jesus.

Rong Xia began to make marked improvement. First, he was able to walk with support. Then, he regained his speech. He eventually moved to a rehabilitation center, where he received intensive holistic care aimed at helping him regain full mobility.

He also began to read a copy of the Gospel of John that Jim gave him. After experiencing the care of the believers at the rehabilitation center and hearing the gospel explained, Rong Xia made the radical decision to give his life to Jesus. Once on the brink of death, he now had new life—physically and spiritually.

Since becoming a Christian, he has experienced victory over a debilitating gambling problem and regularly attends a house church. Coming from a staunchly Buddhist background in a remote part of China, Rong Xia is the only believer from his hometown, but he hopes that will change soon. He already has a burden to share the Good News with his family and friends.

Christian doctors, nurses and other professionals have the opportunity to use their skills and training to make an impact for the gospel in hard-to-reach places. As patients experience a high standard of care and see healing in their bodies, they are more receptive to the gospel that can heal their soul.

Indeed, Jim says that’s his ultimate hope—seeing spiritual, not just physical, transformation in his patients.

“If I just treat the body and not the soul and they end up going to hell, I haven’t done a whole lot,” says Jim.

He tries to share something about Jesus with the people he treats. If the patient is willing to pray, he prays with them. He also makes a special effort to treat each patient, no matter his or her background or status, with respect and care.

In Rong Xia’s case, such care made an eternal difference.

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