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Now for some good news: social media for missions

‘And now for some good news!’

In many parts of East Asia, people have few chances of hearing about Jesus from a local Christian or being able to walk into a local church. In some areas, traditional missionary activities aren’t allowed and local churches can’t engage in open evangelism. So can people in these places hear the good news of Jesus?
Enter Facebook! 

An OMF worker in East Asia shares:

‘Probably over 3 million people in this country have a smartphone and most of them have a Facebook account which they use regularly. What a great opportunity to share Christ! 

Once we’d created our Facebook account, we had to create posts that would look good on the small screen of a smartphone, with good graphics and most importantly, with a good, clear, short message in the local language: ‘Jesus created everything,’ ‘Do you want to know the way to heaven?’ ‘The Bible tells you how to find true happiness’ and so on.

Next, we recruited local Christians who would respond to every comment made on the page.

Then we started posting. The response was immediate and within 3 months we had 10,000 followers. Then we started to advertise (spending a small amount day) and our followers multiplied accordingly. We are now in our 5th year and we now have over 100,000 followers.

The most important link in the chain is our ‘moderators’ who respond to the comments made on the page. These discussions unfold below the post, meaning many others can follow and join in the conversation. In 2020 our reach peaked at 350,000 in one week. That was a good percentage of the entire population of the country!

Of course, our Facebook page isn’t the entire chain from someone being ‘interested’ to deciding to follow Jesus and joining a church, but it is an important link in the chain that leads someone to faith.’

Please pray:

  • For God to speak through the messages on the Facebook page
  • For more local Christians to join the teams running these pages
  • For people willing to take on key roles, such as in administration and graphic design

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