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Letter addressing events related to a former OMF UK member

An Open Letter A former OMF member’s alleged misconduct in the 1990s and the early 2000s To whom it may concern: OMF International has recently received letters of complaints that, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, three women were inappropriately and forcefully touched by an OMF missionary who had worked extensively in Indonesia. OMF [...]

Taking on a New Challenge in International Leadership

After eight years leading the Serve Asia programme internationally, Andrea Roldan has a new challenge: leading New Horizons, our venture to partner with churches and Christians in new places for us. We caught up with her to find out what brought about the transition, excites her about her new role and how we can pray for [...]

Hokkaido earthquake 2018

“The earth was moving like a giant wave, pitching up and down, moving from left to right, then in a circular motion!”

11 Days For The Tai Lue

    Happy New Year! For 3 days in a row the Tai Lue celebrate their New Year with a big Water Splashing Festival. Traditionally this was a time to wash away the sins of the previous year as well as sprinkle blessings on one another for the coming year. Today, for most, it is […]

Stories from East Asia

My father deserves a proper funeral

A terminally ill Japanese man became a Christian when he searched for a cheaper way to have a funeral. However, the story has an unexpected ending.

This Short-Term Mission Trip Didn’t Lead to Long-Term Mission

Short-term mission doesn’t always result in a long-term call.

Singapore to Japan: Shao Xiong & Levene’s Mission Story

Shao Xiong & Levene are heading from Singapore to Japan for two years with OMF. We caught up with them to find out about their journey to this point. Where did your interest in missions begin? Levine: “All along, ever since I’ve been a Christian, I’ve seen missions is very important. but it was only [...]

Ministering as a Professional Big Sister

  Through my time as a boarding home assistant (or “Professional Big Sister, as I like to be called), Christ has granted me a place of work, worship, and family while allowing my time here to be purposeful. As I began the process of application for this position, I had one thing in focus: to [...]

Partnering with a Japanese church as a short-term worker

He served in a place no other OMF missionary had ever served.

Ramadan on my Road

"What's Ramadan like in my area? Well, during working hours in Ramadan the city streets are much quieter than usual with people trying to conserve energy by staying in their air-conditioned shops and offices. This all changes in the mid-afternoon, as everyone joins the rush home, often stopping at a Ramadan market on the way [...]

The Night Before the Fast

“The night before the fast starts is an important time in for my Muslim neighbours. There’s a sense of anticipation – this is a very special month and they’ve have been looking forward to it for some weeks now. Some of them will be watching Ramadan-related shows on TV, which feature prominently throughout the fasting [...]

Running a cafe in Japan: partnership in mission

Sometimes God surprises us by unexpectedly opening the door into a new ministry partnership. This happened recently when an OMF couple began work in a cafe in Sapporo.