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Dalha is the first in her family ever to attend high school. She loves the culture and traditions of her homeland up in the mountains, but at school in the county town Dalha is beginning to discover other ways of seeing things.
It all started when a classmate showed her a video on her phone. It was about a great spiritual leader called “Jesus,” and to Dalha’s surprise the video was dubbed in her Kham Tibetan dialect. She could fully understand it, linguistically at least, but the story itself was very strange. Dalha was shocked when the hero of the story, such a good man, was cruelly put to death, but then she felt strangely thrilled when he came back to life again. Dalha returned to her village that weekend with a copy of the video on her phone. Her classmate had also given her a New Testament in Tibetan script. Once they were alone, Dalha discreetly read some of the scriptures to her younger brother and let him watch the video.
“My classmate invited me to a meeting in town to find out more”, she said. “Would you like to go too?”
In the expansive, often remote corners of Tibet and Mongolia, the need for media tools to supplement sharing the Good News and teaching can hardly be overstated. Praise God, the Bible is already translated into Mongolian, and the New Testament is available in the main Tibetan dialects and the national language of Bhutan.
Further translation work is an ongoing challenge, though. Audio Bibles, apps for mobile phones and other media tools for discipleship and Bible training are all being developed. In due time, resources about marriage and family, Bible stories for children and specific theological topics need to be prepared as well.
Please pray:

  • That those developing resources will have spiritual insight and wisdom to present Bible truths in ways that the Mongol and Tibetan peoples can understand.
  • That Bible resources will be produced for every language and dialect, and be distributed throughout the region.
  • That the Holy Spirit will work through the written word and other resources to bring many to faith in Christ Jesus.

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