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New Horizons

The phrase New Horizons has been bouncing around the OMF community for a couple of years now but it’s likely that many of us are still unclear as to what exactly it is.

To put it briefly New Horizons was created to help a) Missionary Agencies outside of OMF sending countries, who would like to partner with OMF to send their workers to East Asia and b) individuals outside OMF sending countries who would like to be sent by OMF. New Horizons (NH) was launched in April 2012 and has since been mobilising and sending applicants from these such countries.

One such applicant is Yuki Sato and his wife Karla, who have recently arrived in Cambodia from Brazil through the NH program. Yuki comments “In the last 2 years, members of NH came to Brazil and met with us and our Church Elders, once in 2013 and once again in 2014. These meetings were very encouraging for all of us.” When I asked Yuki how he thinks the NH program will change the face of OMF, he replied “God is enlarging OMF territory to encourage more nationalities to be involved with what He is doing in East Asia.”

Yuki and his wife Karla are just one example of the greater cultural diversity that Field teams are beginning to experience through the NH program. Yuki comments, “Our own family background is Japanese, but our grandfathers moved to Brazil many years ago. We are Brazilian, although our DNA is Japanese and now we are serving in Cambodia!”

Please pray for Yuki and Karla and others who have recently arrived in Cambodia through the New Horizons program.

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