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New beginnings on campus

“I’m terrified!” replied Yoshi* when I asked him how he felt about joining the committee. “But, I know God will help us.”

April is the time of new beginnings in Japan, when the school year begins and when people start new jobs. Yoshi had been growing in confidence as a follower of Jesus throughout the last year. He was very hesitant, though, when he was asked to be on the committee organising a local Christian Student fellowship for around 60 students. But with the help of the older students and KGK staff he is stepping out for Jesus in this way.

Rieko took the even greater step just a few months ago. She decided to become a follower of Jesus herself. A year ago, she was just beginning to discover the God of the Bible—his purity, his love, and his power. This year, when her campus Bible study group meets to welcome new first year students, she’ll be giving her testimony as part of the welcome party.

I first met Naoki when he was a university student. He was keen, but unsure how best to contribute to his campus group. Now, just one year after graduating from university, he’s starting work as a full-time staff member for KGKin the Kanto area, where nearly 200,000 students will begin university this month. As he joins our team, we’ll work together and pray that Christian students will be connected to mission teams on their campuses. We’ll pray that others will be drawn to groups where they’ll have a chance to meet God in his Word.

Please join us in praying that new beginnings in April would be used to lead more students to new life in Jesus.

* Names have been changed

KGK is the Japanese National movement of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES)

By Richard, an OMF missionary

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray that Christian students will step out for Jesus in serving others by being leaders in their campus Christian fellowship..
  • Pray that many more students like Rieko will come to know Jesus during their student years.
  • Pray for Christian graduates like Naoki, that they would consider if God is leading them into full-time Christian ministry.

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