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Neighbours Who Pop By

A common occurrence in reaching out to Thai villagers is that we get to meet their neighbours, friends, and relatives who happen to pop by. Aunty Pian is a non-believer we have been reaching out to for several months. She has invited many friends to sit in on our conversations too. Sometimes, they are the ones who are more receptive to the gospel.

One such lady was Aunty Boon Choo. She came one afternoon distressed about her pregnant daughter who was to give birth that week. She sat and listened as we shared about Jesus. We prayed for her, and she went home with a gospel tract in hand. The following week we visited Aunty Boon Choo and her family at their house. Turns out she had shared the tract with her mother who had read it and was excited to meet us. We also met her grandson who happened to be in the same class as one of the Sunday School kids at our church! We invited the grandson to come to church that Sunday. Sunday arrived, and both the grandson and the grandma who read the tract joined us for church. They said they would like to come again. Praise God for opening doors and opening hearts. Sometimes it’s the people you least expect who are most open to the gospel, perhaps it’s that neighbour who randomly pops by quietly sitting in the corner.

Could God be prompting you to bring the Good News to the Thai people living in darkness?

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