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For days, people from the village worked with Dewi’s family preparing the house for her wedding reception. Cooking the feast was a special privilege for those involved. Living in a village is not just owning a house; it is more like belonging to a family. Helping others in the neighbourhood is everyone’s responsibility.

After the neighbours finished setting up, the big moment came: Ismail, the groom, arrived with 70 of his closest friends and family. Dewi sat like a princess in the new house her parents gave the couple in accord with local tradition. All wore their best clothes and took their places around the feast. More than 200 guests from the two villages celebrated the marriage.

Also present was the head of the village. Weeks before, he met with the parents to help decide the bride-price and the reception. At the same time, the imam (local Islamic leader) confirmed the religious details. Both families appreciated the advice these men offered. It was important to them that their children have a respectable Muslim wedding.

Women in the village will teach Dewi how to cook for her husband and future children. It is important for this young couple to include their community from the start of their life together.

Will you pray for Muslims?

  • Thank the Lord for the community strength found in villages in South East Asia.
  • Ask God to bless these communities.

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