Training people to preach God’s word

​​​​​​​Training leaders is a key part of mission. OMF is involved in equipping local pastors and leaders to build their churches through faithfully teaching and preaching God’s word. This is done through Project Ezra (training for OMF colleagues), and through Langham Preaching (a partner organisation working in 70+ nations).

(You can download the video here for easier viewing at church or your small group)

Gain a better understanding of why training for preachers is needed and helpful by reading some of the linked articles below. Then with a friend or small group, discuss the questions.

Discussion questions
What sort of impact does regular solid Biblical preaching have on a church?

What might result from preaching that is not rooted in the Bible?

Some people prefer to support indigenous pastors rather than foreign missionaries. But in many places, the local pastors have not received any training so need initial outside help. What sorts of approaches and/or guidelines ensure that training like Langham doesn’t cause local pastors to become dependent on outsiders or unnecessarily bring in foreign culture?

Langham trains drunken gambler turned Pastor in remote East Malaysia

“He killed a man.” This was the first thing I was told about Pastor Michael who attended the initial Langham Preaching training held in Sarawak, East Malaysia earlier this year.

How does OMF help support local church leaders?

One pastor in Mongolia told me he had been preaching for 20 years but had never received any training. He was so excited to learn how to preach better.

Another pastor in Cambodia said he learned to preach by watching Youtube sermons from people like Joel Osteen.

As these examples show, training for preachers and Bible teachers in Southeast Asia is a significant need. Outside of the West, where seminary training for pastors is normal, only about 25 per cent of pastors have the opportunity to attend formal training. Many churches don’t have pastors at all and rely in members preaching the Bible each week. They are eager to learn and improve, but have few opportunities to do so.

Langham Preaching

Langham Preaching partners with national leaders to nurture indigenous biblical preaching movements for pastors and lay preachers all around the world. With the support of a team of trainers from many countries, we provide multi-level seminars focusing on practical, biblically based training.

95% of Pastors Are Untrained

Did you know that only 5% of all pastoral leaders presently in ministry have received training? This means that as many as 2 million pastors around the world are ministering without the training, skills, and relationships necessary to flourish in sustained ministry.

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