Take Flight with the OMF team along with our
missionaries on an intensive one-day exploratory
missions awareness programme. Learn and grow as
they share real life stories from the fields; their joys,
challenges and adventures with the Lord.



Chain of People

Learn what it takes to send and support a missionary on the field. Participants will be able to explore the different ways they can be involved in missions.

Cross-cultural Living

Engage in activities that demonstrate being missional in building indigenous churches through allowing local believers to draw near to God in their own language within their culture.

Character Discovery

Participants will discover their spiritual gifting through a short questionnaire, and together learn more about how they can contribute to missions.

Church Planting

Through this highly engaging boardgame, experience church planting & encounter real-life situations frequently faced by missionaries in the field, and be challenged to support missionaries through prayer.

Creative Ministries

From homes to cafes and karaoke spaces, reaching the unreached is being redefined. See how missionaries in Japan engage with people living in a fast-track world through unconventional, creative means.

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