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Cambodia Infographic

Only 1% of Cambodia’s population declare themselves as Christian. Discover this and other quirky facts about Cambodia in this infographic.

Buddhism in East Asia Infographic

Buddhism is one of the largest and most influential worldviews in South and Southeast Asia. Discover more about Buddhism with our infographic:

Diaspora Infographics

“Migration is one of the great global realities of our era,” as stated in The Cape Town Commitment II-C-5. Chinese in Kansas, Japanese students in Oxford, migrant

Missionary Life Infographics

What does it look like to serve God cross-culturally? Is it all about remote villages and lengthy church meetings? What kind of challenges do missionaries

Lunar New Year Infographics

The Lunar New Year, often known simply as Chinese New Year, falls on 5 February 2019 and is marked by 14 days of festivities in

Church Movements Infographic

At OMF, we pray, partner, and work towards grace-fueled, authentic local, Biblical, multiplying, missional churches for all of East Asia’s peoples. But what does that

Japan Infographic

Japan is a beautiful, technologically advanced country with a long history and fascinating culture. But it’s less well known that out of a population of

Mekong Minorities Infographic

The Mekong is a river that flows from China, along the borders of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, through Cambodia and Vietnam. Although there are six countries,

Myanmar Infographic

Join us to learn more about Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and pray for the country. We are praying for a gospel movement among each

Philippines Infographics

Overseas Filipino Workers Infographic The Philippines has over 10 million overseas workers- that’s more than 10% of the country’s population who leave behind their homes

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