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Ms. Niang and her Horses

Ms. Niang started work as house-helper for an OMF worker in Snuol. She knew that the foreigners were Christians and noticed how patient they were with the local children. She always listened in when the missionaries spoke to their neighbors about Jesus.

Then one night, Ms. Niang’s two horses were stolen. She asked if she could take a day off to look for them, going from village to village, but she couldn’t find them. She even went to a fortune-teller for help, but though he tried hard to ‘see’ them, nothing ‘appeared’ to him. But she didn’t report about that visit.

We explained that Jesus can make the impossible possible, so we prayed that the horses would reappear. As I did so, I couldn’t help worrying a little. What if they didn’t come back? What kind of testimony would it be?

About four days later, Ms. Niang got a phone call from a village in Kompong Cham, the neighboring province. A friend said he’d been approached by someone wanting to sell horses. But he’d recognized the horses as Ms. Niang’s!

So the man said he’d confronted the robbers and asked where the horses had come from – which frightened them so much they ran away. Shortly after that, Ms. Niang’s friend brought her animals back. We thanked God together and she added a short prayer of her own.

A few months later Ms. Niang agreed to find out more about Christianity by studying Living Water. When she finished the book, she committed herself to Jesus. Her faith grew steadily as she spent time praying, reading the Bible and studying a discipleship course.

Although she couldn’t join in with the evening worship, she wanted to help with Sunday school and was there most mornings to teach games and songs.

Months later, Ms. Niang was finally able to come and worship. She began to play the recorder and teach the Sunday school Bible lesson.

Recently, she came and told us she had taken a job in another town. Although we were sorry to see her go we were delighted to learn that she’s joined a local church and continues to serve God there.

Last month, Ms. Niang visited her family again. They talked late into the night, and she was able to tell them about Jesus. After that, Ms. Niang’s younger sister also studied Living Water and became a Christian.

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