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New Book – Staying Well: Highlighting Hazards, Highlighting Health for Missionaries in Japan

By Janet Dallman. N.p.: Janet Dallman, 2021. ISBN 9798517415547. 180 pp.

This book emerges from what Dallman has learned through growing up in a mission field, serving in Japan for more than two decades, and assessing missionary attrition and retention in her master’s thesis. Her motivation in writing this book is to help missionaries, mission agencies, and sending churches identify life and ministry hazards that are commonly faced by missionaries and to provide resources so that they can develop the skills necessary to face and successfully deal with them. While grounded in solid research, the book remains highly readable as it presents real-world problems and eminently practical solutions.

Worksheets are provided throughout the book to help readers apply the concepts to their own situations and give them guidelines to assess their spiritual and relational health. Potential readers who do not work in Japan should not feel that there will be nothing here for them. While its major focus is on Japan, Staying Well addresses issues that are broadly transferrable to other nations and cultures. Member care specialists will find it particularly useful as they tailor the material to fit their own situation. Pick up the book, identify the hazards that can most readily impact your ministry, and learn what you need to do in order to stay well in your ministry.

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