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Momijigari (autumn leaf viewing)

Snow will arrive soon in Tohoku. Last week I drove several hours through the mountains to an OMF Tohoku member’s meeting in Iwate. It is breathtaking. To come out of a dark tunnel to a world filled with red, yellow, and orange was like a blank coloring sheet painted in a split second. Suddenly the colors were there, right in front of you. If I wasn’t driving, I would have photos to show you.

In Japan, we have a tradition in autumn called momijigari, a time when we visit areas where leaves have changed color. This is a reflection of the Japanese love of seasonal changes.

Momijigari has been a tradition in Japan since at least the 1200s. Some say that momijigari started off as a noble’s pastime—going to the mountains, playing music, and composing poetry while enjoying the fall colors. From the 1600s, this custom spread among the common people.

Although leaves are starting to fall in Tohoku, may their beautiful colors point to the master creator, Jesus Christ.


Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray that the beautiful colors of momijigari would point Japanese to their master creator—Jesus Christ.


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