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Tokyo, London, Frankfurt, Hanoi: how one Japanese couple are doing mission on the move

Maki came to the UK from Japan with her husband, who was sent to London by his company in the 1990s. Together with the wives of fellow employees, Maki joined a Bible study group, run by an English Christian. Maki was thrilled, though, that she could read the Bible in her own language when Yoshie, a Japanese gospel worker reaching out to Japanese overseas, started a Bible study group in Japanese.

In time, Maki accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. She then wanted Yoshie to baptise her but Yoshie explained that she should be baptised in a local church. It so happened that one of Yoshie’s husband’s classmates at London Bible College was a pastor at nearby Wycliffe Baptist Church and Maki was baptised there in 1999.

Later the company moved Maki’s husband to Tokyo. Fortunately one of the pastors who started Japanese Outreach, a mission helping Christians overseas reach out to Japanese, was able to visit Maki and her husband and welcomed them to his church. This turned out to be a good fit for them as many of its members were from Osaka as well. Maki’s husband then began to look into the Bible to see how to do his job better and a little over a year later he was baptised.

Further company transfers followed: Hamburg, then Frankfurt, and Paris. The assignments lasted two to three years. Yoshie and Motoo were able to visit them in each city. They attended the Japanese church in each place, where Maki taught Sunday School and individually helped several to come to faith, demonstrating a gift for evangelism.  Her husband served as an elder.  In 2012 they were transferred to Vietnam and again assisted in a small Japanese fellowship there and through Maki’s ministry several were saved. Currently they are in Malaysia and by all reports serving in the Japanese church there.

God is clearly at work, creating a global, mobile mission force through people like Maki and her husband, sharing the gospel wherever they go. Will you pray for them?

Will you pray for East Asia’s Diaspora?

  • Give thanks for how God brought Maki and her husband to himself and has used them to share the gospel with many.
  • Pray for more East Asians overseas to come to know Christ and carry him with them wherever they go next.
  • Pray for good networks to connect Christians into as they move on – pray for more people like the pastor in Japan who met up with Maki and her husband.

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