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Mission Kampuchea 2021

Over 10 years ago now, a Khmer led prayer movement began in Cambodia. The movement is called Mission Kampuchea 2021. The Khmer saw great growth in the Cambodian church and also significant gaps where the Khmer are still unreached.

From the early days, OMF along with many other mission agencies began to partner with the ambitious vision arising out of this movement to have a group of believers in every village of Cambodia by the year 2021. The strategy of the movement includes research, prayer, encouraging one another, and sharing resources and training. In order to reach this vision, MK 2021 has also set the goal for every church in Cambodia to go to a village where there is no Christian presence and start a group, once every three years.

The mountain these prayers of faith are seeking to move is large, out of Cambodia’s 14,073 villages, over 11,000 still have no Christian presence.

150 years ago, Hudson Taylor called on his prayer partners back home to pray for new workers for the interior of China. These 11,000 villages without a Christian presence are Cambodia’s “interior”. Cambodia’s population is still around 80% rural (, and these rural villages need a connection to the gospel. They need workers for the harvest fields, they need earnest prayer for workers (Khmer and foreign missionaries) to go to these harvest fields. Join in the movement, as we seek God’s kingdom to spread to the neglected frontiers of Cambodia.

More information about MK 2021 is available on their website.

Will you pray for Cambodia?

  • Give thanks for Mission Kampuchea 2021 and its big vision to see mountains moved by faith.
  • Pray for more workers (Khmer and foreign) to be willing to work in these rural areas. Pray the Lord of the Harvest would send out workers into his harvest field.
  • Pray for Mission Kampuchea’s goal to be reached.

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