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Ministry to Chinese Students … in Thailand!!

There have been many more students from mainland China coming to study in Thailand since COVID (there was already quite a number of them and now there’s more). I had this thought that there is a need to do ministry in Mandarin so that the believers can have fellowship in their heart language, and also so that more Chinese students can be reached. But, my mandarin is really quite bad (I feel ashamed to say this because I studied in a Chinese high school) and after learning Thai for many years, my already-poor Mandarin got worse and worse.

Then, last year in May, my ex-housemate and co-worker Michelle returned to stay with me and work with students again. Her mandarin standard is the best amongst us and she too saw this need amongst the Chinese students. So she took it upon herself to talk with the existing Chinese students to see if they wanted to start a Mandarin group and invite more Chinese students to join. They would continue to join the international group conducted in English, but they would meet once a month to worship and share in Mandarin.

The students agreed and made posters and put them up around the university. Some new students joined our chat group and left, and about 7 new students joined and stayed. We started with a gathering over hotpot for Lunar New Year, and we invited all the new students to join.

The first hour passed and we were a little disappointed to see that none of the new students came. We sang some Chinese Christian songs and shared the lyrics in the group chat. Then, when we were about to finish our singing, a new student came! She said that she saw the lyrics in the group chat and felt nostalgic so she decided to come after her meeting even though it would have been quite late for the event. When she arrived, she realized that she had already met two of the Chinese students the day before at a dumpling event in a Chinese restaurant! They hadn’t realized that they were all believers. Then, while talking with another student, she realized that they were staying directly opposite each other (they could see each other through their windows!) It would be easier to arrange to go to church together or to come for cell groups together. She also realized through us that another classmate she had been working closely with, was also a believer. They all came to church together the following week.

Praise God for bringing people together and establishing connections that are just way beyond our imagination or control.

Pray that this little group will continue to grow and create a positive impact for Christ on the campus!

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