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Meet the Ormes

​​​​​​John and Emily Orme with their two children, Anna and Noah, recently moved to Aomori to work with Tsugaru Gospel Church. John is from Northern Ireland  who came to Japan long-term and joined OMF in 2008, and Emily, who is Japanese, joined OMF in 2016.

John came on a short-term team in 2004 to Chiba to help run some kids programmes at a local church and Christian Kindergarten, then returned as an OMF Associate for one year in 2005-6 to Aomori to help wherever possible with some long-term OMF Church plants (Ajigasawa and Tsugaru).

Emily has been involved with several Japanese churches, when at university and immediately after graduation she was a very active member of Tsugaru Gospel Church. In 2009 she entered Hokkaido Bible Institute and spent a year as an intern at Sapporo Fukuinkan Church. In August 2010, John and Emily got married.

From 2010 to 2012, they worked with Oasa Church in Ebetsu, Hokkaido reaching out to students, young people and children from the church before returning to the UK to join OMF as a family.

On returning to Japan in 2016 they came to Aomori in July to work with Tsugaru Church, particularly in reaching out from Kanagi Chapel to the town and the surrounding areas of the Tsugaru peninsula.

They are thankful to the Lord for his grace and faithfulness in guiding them back to Japan to work in Tohoku. John and Emily can see how He has been ahead of them in each step and continue to be amazed. They have been amazed by the ways the Lord has been working in Kanagi and Tsugaru for many years and excited to find His church, although very small, is very much alive in this small, rural town.

What they like about Japan? Living in rural Tohoku the Ormes are blessed with spectacular scenery as the backdrop to our everyday lives. Of course, Japanese food is delicious, but even more so when freshly caught, picked and harvested in the fields they pass by every day!


Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray for the Ormes as they settle into the town. Becoming part of a community takes patience and perseverance in rural Japan, please pray for them to have both of these and for the Lord to continue to go ahead of them.
  • Pray for Tsugaru Church, pastor and elders as they learn how to work together, grow together and reach out together.
  • Pray that they may sow more seeds of the gospel and that they would see some of those sown over the past 50+ years bear fruit as people turn to Christ.


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