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Nong Pleum’s father died when she was a young child. And when she was about 11 years old, her mother left home.  She went to live with an uncle who gave her a roof over her head and nothing else.  From a young age, she had to work to get money to buy food and to pay for her school fees.  Every day after school, from about 3pm-7pm, Nong Pleum worked as a cleaner in a shop.  On weekends, she worked longer hours so that she can earn more money.

One day, her classmate, who’s a Christian, brought her to church. Someone explained the gospel message to her and she opened her heart to Jesus.  She was really excited about her new faith and came for the weekly Bible study.  She was really hungry to know more about God.

Shortly after that, Nong Pleum received a call from the police. Her mother was found loitering near a petrol station in another province and they took her to the hospital.  Nong Pleum and a few church members went to visit her mother who had been admitted to a mental hospital.  For 5 years, her mother had been wandering around, lost, due to her mental illness.  They prayed for her.  And when she was well enough, Nong Pleum took her mother home to the North East to live with her brother.

Now Nong Pleum realizes that she was not abandoned. Previously, whenever she talked about her mum, there was pain and disappointment in her eyes.  Now she has a real soft heart for her mother and prays that she will come to know the Lord.

Nong Pleum was baptized last October. She still works hard but she’s told her employer that she can’t work on Sundays because she wants to go to church to worship God.  She’s trusting God to provide for her needs.  Recently, through the help of the church, she received a scholarship that’s enough to pay for her school fees for one term.

And this is just an example of one Thai girl who has been transformed by the power of God’s love and who continues to walk by faith in the Lord.

Genevieve Wong

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