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Life, death and eternal life!

Pa Thon and her husband Lung Khay first came to church a year ago. Lung Khay was suffering from cancer and the prayers of church members made a difference.

Into Pa Thon and Lung Khay’s hands were given Bible tracts and booklets to read as well as an MP3 player containing gospel songs and sermons to listen to. We were hoping and praying that both of them would eventually commit their lives to Christ. After a while, Lung Khay could not come to church anymore as he was getting worse. But when we visited him, we were happy to hear from him that he had read all of the materials we had given him and was also listening to the songs and sermons daily.

One day after church, Pa Thon invited Rina to go and pray for Lung Khay as he had grown very weak. When Rina saw him, he could see that it was difficult for him to speak and it was apparent that his end was very near. Rina asked him if he was afraid of death and he answered no because he was now a believer in Jesus Christ who has conquered death. A couple of weeks later he died and was given a Buddhist funeral but his wife, Pa Thon, invited the church to sing songs and pray at the ceremony.

After her husband’s death, Pa Thon did not come back to church for some months. During last Christmas season, a group of Dutch women came and visited our church. I told them about Pa Thon and all the heartaches that she had gone through and this really caught the attention of the Dutch women. They gathered around her and earnestly prayed for her personal life and salvation.

In February 2016, Pa Thon made the decision to follow Christ and take water baptism. May she know and love God more and more each day. Join us in praising God for his grace upon Pa Thon and Lung Khay, now with the Lord.

Rina & Puii Renthlei

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