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Letter from the General Director: Inquiry Complete

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter.

In 2014, OMF became aware of allegations of abuse in the early 1970s by a former dorm parent at OMF’s Chefoo School, Malaysia. In response to these allegations, we informed the relevant legal authorities. I also authorized an extensive inquiry, led by an outside consultant with the expertise and experience to run the inquiry. The inquiry was completed in July 2016.

On the basis of what came to light through the inquiry, OMF leadership believes that the dorm parent behaved inappropriately and committed sexual abuse on children in his care.

I am deeply sorry for the pain these children, now adults, suffered then and continue to experience now. I am deeply grieved and regret that such things were done to them as young, vulnerable, trusting children, away from home and parents. On behalf of OMF, I want to recognize and apologize for the pain, impact, and consequences that these actions have had on those affected.

I also acknowledge that they suffered this abuse while under the care of OMF. On behalf of OMF, I have recently apologized to each individual we are aware of for the abuse that led to their suffering.

Abuse like this impacts a wide range of people. We are aware that this news may affect people in different ways, whether former students, former staff, parents, or colleagues. Memories may be triggered that need to be talked through or addressed. Please feel free to email the TCK Alumni Facilitator.

I am deeply grieved for what has happened to these missionary children and for the years of pain that have resulted.

In Sorrow and Hope,

Patrick Fung – General Director of OMF

For more information on OMF and Child Protection – click here.

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