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Lesson of Endurance from a Thai Christian in Bangkok


It was Friday evening.  It had been a long week filled with ministry responsibilities, and I was thinking of an excuse to skip our weekly house church meeting.  I was tired.  But Mr. Narong showed up at my front steps enthusiastic and ready to go.  He had been delivering coals to restaurants all day, and just received a call from another customer wanting his delivery.  He said that was a test from God—to see whether he would put God first before his business.

Just as we were leaving my house together to meet at another believer’s home, his nonbelieving wife called and threatened to lock him out of the house.  Mr. Narong answered her politely, hung up and said, “That was another test.”  Nothing could stop Mr. Narong from attending this precious fellowship of believers.

I thought about the life of this godly man, and I was deeply humbled and rebuked of my lack of zeal for God.  Mr. Narong has two children; his oldest son is seventeen, severely autistic and requires at least one adult to take care of him constantly.  Besides working hard all day, he bathes and feeds his disabled son morning and evening.  Yet he maintains a vibrant walk with Jesus, and endures ridicule and opposition from family members who are nonbelievers.  The difficult life he had only drove him closer to Jesus.

That Friday evening, I saw a deep hunger for God and a kind of perseverance in Mr. Narong that I needed to imitate.  Praise God for such faithful believers in Bangkok.  What lessons of endurance we missionaries must learn from Thais Christians who have walked with Jesus in the midst of difficulties!

David and Gladys Chang

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